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- Airspeed, Altitude, & Aptitude -

McNeal & Associates is a professional management consulting company which focuses on the aerospace and aviation industry.

The firm was established in 1980 by Mr. Wayne McNeal, a globally recognized aerospace and aviation consultant, to provide marketing, strategic planning and project implementation services to all sectors of the aerospace and aviation industry. Qualifications and experience of the Company enable a wide variety of consulting assignments including airport development, air navigation planning, airline operations, aerospace product and service development, and geopolitical intelligence. The accumulative experience of the consultants of McNeal & Associates is considerable and it is the principal resource we bring to our clients.

Our client base is diverse and includes international as well as Canadian clients. The client list includes major airlines, defence and space agencies, regional and commuter airlines, airport operators, trade associations, aerospace companies, air navigation service providers, training institutions, government organizations, financial institutions, legal and other professional service organizations.

We are members of the British Columbia Aviation Council (BCAC), the Aerospace Industry Association of BC (AIABC), and other trade organisations.

Mr. Wayne McNeal

Mr. Wayne McNeal

Mr. Wayne McNeal is the Founder and President of McNeal & Associates Consultants Ltd., which is a family led company. He has over 50 years experience in the aerospace and aviation industry with the airlines, regulatory authorities and consulting organizations.
The establishment and expertise of McNeal & Associates Consultants Ltd. has been guided by the extensive skills and experiences of Mr. Wayne McNeal, which he gained within the aviation and aerospace industry over the past 50 years. 

Areas of Expertise: MRO & Manufacturing, Aerodrome Development, Airline Development & Management, Airborne Safety Technologies & Services

He was a Pilot and Manager of Marketing & Sales for Canadian Pacific Airlines, a Senior Economist for the Government of Canada - Transport Canada, a Manager of the Economics Division for Acres International, and the Founder and President of McNeal & Associates Consultants Ltd.

Mr. Bill Sullivan is a Senior Associate at McNeal & Associates Consultants Ltd.  His experience with the family-led company is extensive, as he was exposed to the business at an early age.  After spending his high-school summers helping out around the office and then his undergraduate summers as a Researcher, he proceeded taking on the roles of Analyst and then Project Manager.  Combined with his experience in Wealth Management at National Bank Financial, his comprehensive experience at McNeal & Associates Consultants Ltd., and an MA International Relations - East Asia, he is now our Senior Associate specializing in Asia Pacific Market Intelligence and US Defense Policy.

Cumulatively, Mr. Bill Sullivan has approximately a decade of professional experience in aviation & aerospace consulting.  

Areas of Expertise: US Economic & Defense Policy in Asia Pacific, US Defense Structure & Strategy in Asia Pacific, US Air Force & Naval Transformation, Defense Budgets, Defense Acquisitions & the Defense Industrial Base.

Mr. Bill Sullivan

Mr. Bill Sullivan

Over the past decade, the McNeal & Associates Team has delivered extensive business development services to L-3 Communications, Electronic System Services and the overall Aviation Products Sector (L-3 APS).  Services has been provided in developing a total MRO support system for avionics and instruments and market intelligence for the Asia Pacific region.
And throughout the past thirty years, the McNeal & Associates Team has also led and managed initiatives for the Canadian federal government, such as the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative for Transport Canada and the Rankin Inlet Airport 'Forward Operating Location' (FOL) and the CFB Summerside, Armed Forces/Civilian Transition Development for the Canadian Dept. of National Defence. Leadership and Advisement has also been provided on major international projects, such as the Subic Bay/Cubi Point Naval Base Redevelopment Project for the US Dept. of Defense, the U-Tapao Pattaya International Airport for the Economic Development Department of Thailand, and Maintenance Support for the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Airod Sdn. Bhd.